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Douglas Mitchell

MA, Marriage and Family Therapy Intern

Supervised by Marty Cooper, MFT, MFC 42185

Perhaps you have stumbled upon reading this with hopes of some resolve or a spark to carry you forward. If you're feeling confused, out of sorts, needing a transformation, or just need someone to listen, then my wish is to support you in expressing each of these in a safe, healthy and nurturing way. I support you best honoring your innate intelligence and tending to your concerns using an eclectic approach of mindful, expressive and cognitive therapies unique to you. These therapeutic sessions support you to articulate, realize and envision your life more clearly, working through blocks and opening new doors, bridging insight, meaning, and understanding between us. I'm engaged, respectful, down to earth, and solution-oriented. I welcome your call!

ARTICLE: Acceptance and ACT

If you are struggling with thoughts and emotions that are hard to control, then ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) may be helpful. ACT cleverly teaches you to first notice, then accept and even embrace your thoughts and feelings.  It helps … Continue reading