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BLOG POST: The Feeling of Feeling Good, Part 1, Examining the Nature of Wellbeing

How do we know if and when therapy is working for us? What is that sense of health and wellbeing that we are looking for? What does wellness actually look and feel like? While the answer can be very different … Continue reading

BlOG POST: Therapy is a strange relationship

When the going gets tough in life, though we may have close friends or family by our side, there are generally limits to what we feel comfortable confiding. These limits, arising from concerns about ourselves and our confidants, may cause … Continue reading

BLOG POST: I Just Attended an Intensive Training with David Burns, MD

I just attended the David Burns CBT Intensive training and feel incredibly rejuvenated and inspired. It was eye-opening to hear him share stories of clients who had endured 15-20 years or more of unsuccessful therapy and were transformed within a … Continue reading

BLOG POST: When words aren’t enough: Silence in therapy

I’m going to go ahead and reveal a secret that therapists have: Sometimes we don’t know what to say. Are you surprised to hear that therapists, who spend all day talking to people, are sometimes stymied by language? After all, … Continue reading