Training & Supervision Programs

Training Orientation

Associate MFT and Associate LPC practitioners at NPCC are part of an intensive training and Associateship program with a mindfulness-based, transpersonal orientation that seeks to integrate these perspectives with the best of psychodynamic, family systems, CBT practices. The NPCC training program centers on the treatment of individuals of all ages, of couples, and of families and is geared toward preparing Associate MFT therapists & LPC counselors for licensure and competent, successful private practice.

The Associateship Program

NPCC typically accepts Associates each October, April and July.  The training program is divided into two levels. The first year of training focuses on developing clinical skills in a variety of therapeutic approaches including trauma informed modalities, Hakomi, SE and other somatic approaches, DBT (with opportunities to co-lead DBT skills group), LGBTX issues, Expressive Arts techniques including sandplay and dreamwork, as well as training in working with couples, recovery from addictions, Mindfulness & Pyschosynthesis, Ecopsychology and other relevant topics. Associates are part of a small, supportive training group and participate in didactic seminars as well as individual and group supervision. Associates pay a monthly fee for their training during the first year.

After the first year, if clinical and administrative requirements are met, Associates can continue on in the Senior Associate Program, which emphasizes the development of marketing and business skills. Senior Associates are paid a salary based on client fees, supervision costs, and NPCC overhead.

Client Population

Associates receive referrals from NPCC, in addition to their own private referrals, and are expected to conduct at least 8 sessions per week. NPCC clients are diverse by ethnicity, age (from children to the elderly), sexual orientation, and diagnosis.

How to Apply

Prospective Associates must have completed, or be currently enrolled in, a two-year Master’s Degree program in counseling psychology, or the equivalent. We are particularly interested in applicants with strong clinical skills who are interested in integrating the transpersonal dimension into their lives, and, when appropriate, into their clinical work. We also strongly recommend that Associates be in therapy during the course of their Associateship. We generally do not take applicants at the practicum level, unless applicant can demonstrate prior clinical experience and strong communication skills.

NPCC regularly schedules informational meetings for the purpose of meeting potential applicants and presenting more detailed information about the center. In the course of the interview process applicants are asked to submit a resume of educational and work experience, a letter describing intentions and goals for their Associateship, and two letters of reference (one from a current or past supervisor).

Informational Meetings

Currently there are no informational meetings scheduled. If you interested in our Training/Associateship program, please send your resume and letter of intent to . Once we receive this, we will be back in touch with you. When regular informational meetings resume, notices of dates will be posted here.

Next Open House Informational Meetings

None currently scheduled

Application Deadlines

Quarter Openings Application Deadline
Winter 2022 2 Openings Applications Open

Any applications for Fall 2021 will be held in case of any late openings. Please send your letter of intent, CV or resume, and 2 letters of reference from previous supervisors, professors or colleagues to: . You will be notified once your application is received.

Thank you for your interest in the NPCC Associateship and Training Program.
For more information on the application process and NPCC informational meetings, please contact Karen Palamos at


“New Perspectives was instrumental in helping me build my private practice and confidence as a clinician. NPCC is a one-of-a-kind place to explore your professional identity while being surrounded by other open, warm, and curious budding clinicians and supervisors in a truly noncompetitive environment. The trainings offered are an incredible sampling of things grad programs don’t have time to expose you to. I am deeply grateful for everything NPCC gave to me and would advise anyone who knows they want to go into private practice to take advantage of this training program. The day I opened my private practice, I really felt like I knew what I was doing because NPCC had prepared me so well. It is worth every minute of time and effort invested.”

Laurel Roberts-Meese, Marriage and Family Therapist MFT 116695

“As an intern training at New Perspectives, I felt supported in finding my own therapeutic voice. Cultivating a sense of authenticity as a therapist is crucial to being a happy and effective clinician, so it was important to me and my development to be somewhere I knew I could stretch and experiment and discover my own path. I felt encouraged to be autonomous, but I was also in community and could share my journey with peers who were on their own journeys. I made friends and forged bonds with colleagues whose opinions I trust and still seek when I need consultation. And when it came time for me to launch, I knew that I had the space and time and institutional support to figure out what I wanted before I set out on my own. Being at New Perspectives provided a home base where I could envision my future and step into it when I was ready.”

Cary Ann Rosko, Marriage and Family Therapist MFT 96606

“I happily recommend New Perspectives as a solidly great place to complete your associate/intern hours. They host high quality trainings on a variety of interesting and relevant subjects, provide excellent clinical support and create a flexible structure that adapts to an intern’s changing life circumstances.

New Perspectives is designed on a private practice model, as such, I started earning money in the second year. I was encouraged to build my practice with as many individuals and couples as I had capacity for. By the time I was licensed and ready to leave, I felt well equipped to start my private practice. A great feature of N.P. was that I could take all my clients with me.

An aspect I would like to emphasize is the heart and soul of the place. From everyone associated to N.P. I experienced ongoing care, integrity, intelligence and humor. We were always treated well and our time and energy respected and valued.

Reflecting on my years as an intern, I feel gratitude to New Perspectives for providing an excellent learning environment, exposer to a wide variety of clients and issues and top notch clinical support. N.P. helped nurture my growth as a clinician which enabled me to begin private practice with a confidant sense of my self as a psychotherapist.”

Cameron Osborne, Marriage and Family Therapist MFT 99031